The Disney and Religion Project

Having spent the last few years researching the religious dimensions of Disney films and theme parks, Dr. Jennifer Porter decided it was time to share her excitement about this research with her students. January 2019 will mark the second time Memorial University's Department of Religious Studies will offer the course RELS 4812: Religion in Disney Parks, and provide interested students the opportunity to travel to one of Disney's reknowned theme parks to study first-hand the relationship between religion and pop culture.

This course is in no way affiliated with The Walt Disney Company nor The Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Paris. The course is offered purely for academic and educational purposes, and no copyright infringement is intended. All photographs were taken by Dr. Jennifer Porter.

Nature Spirituality at Disney Parks

One theme we will explore in our course is the link between Disney and nature religion. Other topics include civil religion, religious consumerism, and the religious dimensions of Disney’s constructed pasts, futures, and the global village.


Spring 2020

Covid-19 causes delay in offering the Religion and Disney Parks course.

Due to Covid-19, it is unclear when this course will be offered next. Check back in 2021 for further updates.

FEB 2019


Thank you to all the students who participated in the Religion and Disney Parks course! We had a great trip to Walt Disney World, and a great Symposium to discuss our research in April.

FEB. 2017


The Religion and Disney Parks course made its inaugural trip to Walt Disney World in February 2017. Many thanks to all the students who made this course so great. I hope you all had an amazing time.


Walt Disney World