Tuition: $255.00 - $330 (Canadian Students)

Airfare: $800.00 - $900.00, approximately, depending on airline fares, seat sales, etc.

Accommodation, meal plan, park admission: $2000.00 approximately, depending on available Disney theme park rates, discounts, etc.

- includes a double-occupancy (shared) room at a Disney value resort, a fast food meal plan that includes at least 2 fast-food meals per day, plus a one park per day admission ticket to Disney's theme parks)

International Travel Health Insurance: $90.00


Total: $3245 approximately****

*Total cost is approximate. Prices are subject to change due to fluctuating airfare and hotel costs, and the exchange rate with the US dollar or Euro, which at this time is very weak.  Students should be aware that these costs are estimates only.

**In addition to the stated fees, students should budget approximately $20 per day for a third meal per day. Students should also budget approximately $10 a day for bottled water or other drinks purchased in the parks.


***Students may also choose to opt for a single occupancy room rather than double occupancy room; however, this is not recommended, for doing so will add approximately $680 dollars to accommodation costs. Potential additional costs for students: $0 - $840.00, depending on individual choices.

****Tuition plus a non-refundable deposit is required upon registration. Dates for the remainder of the fees to be paid will be determined and announced at the information session to be held Fall 2018 (see Details for more information.) The Deposit will cover hotel and airfare deposits, and other costs associated with the field trip.